When formulation quality, knowledge and creativity come together, it paves the way for a unique new experience in haircare, capable of enhancing the work of professionals thanks to technical products and extremely versatile treatments with distinctive performances.

Versum researches effective, reliable over time and aesthetically flawless results for every technical, styling and treatment need by building, through its wellness pathways, the health and beauty of the hair.

High quality and innovation become tools available to discerning hairstylists who seek an allied brand to shape their creativity through five product families of extraordinary potential, supported by a Academy that offers them training and professional growth.


Versum embodies the synthesis of complexity typical of the contemporary world, where tradition and innovation dialogue and influence each other.

Versum expresses the cosmopolitan aesthetics of New York through products conceived and perfected by Italian creativity and craftsmanship, in workshops where passion and obsessive attention to detail have achieved excellence in formulation expression.

Versum blends the finest natural ingredients and innovative technologies to create high performing professional products, the first to have created and believed in hybrid cosmetic technology.

Versum elevates treatments to sublime wellness experience by meeting the beauty vocation of clients and professionals who want to stand out.

Versum inspires and influences through its innate propensity to anticipate trends in an ever-evolving industry.

Our presence in more than 35 countries and our international experience gained over the years enable us to grasp and interpret the needs of individual markets, offering successful customized solutions.
Sun Sea Cosmetics builds on the expertise gained by the founding partners in more than two decades of distributing professional hair products worldwide, an experience that began in 1996 in the American market.