pH 5.0-6.0

with Glycemic Biovector

Sebum-regulating shampoo for
the delicate cleansing of scalp and hair
with waxy and oily seborrhea.

300 ml | 1000 ml

Glycemic Biovector

Relieves and prevents flaking and sebum secretion in heads affected by capillary seborrheic dermatitis. With its highly purifying and protective properties, it reduces irritation and the level of sebum, helping to restore the scalp’s normal physiological pH.

Burdock Extract

Burdock extract restores the skin’s natural cycle, restoring beauty, elasticity and tone to scalps affected by anomalies of different magnitude. It has an antibacterial and antifungal effect.

Distilled Melissa Water

It helps to reduce redness thanks to its soothing properties.