pH 5.0-6.0

with Procapil

Shampoo that deeply cleanses without depleting
the hair’s natural hydro-lipid mantle and gives
hair a soft, bright and vigorous look.

300 ml | 1000 ml


A combination of three specific organic active ingredients that stimulate the cellular metabolism, improve the scalp’s microcirculation and help to prevent hair loss:

  • Matrikina with vitamins that stimulate cellular metabolism;
  • Apigenin, which improves microcirculation;
  • Oleanolic Acid, which inhibits 5a-reductase.


It has antiseptic and balsamic properties that cool the skin and strengthen hair.

Botanic Infusion

Made with Capsaicin with well-known toning and stimulating properties, and Guarana, which has a revitalizing effect on the hair bulb.