pH 3.5-4.5

with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Detoxifying sanitizing fluid.
It gently exfoliates the skin in
preparation for Trikology treatments.

100 ml

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

They promote tissue regeneration and are able to stimulate fibroblasts increasing the production of collagen.  They have a nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant effect.

Essential Lemon Oil

This oil, with its fresh and characteristic scent, has balsamic and antibacterial properties  and an antioxidant effect, which is useful for capturing free radicals.

Essential Rosemary Oil

Native to the Mediterranean, it has antibacterial, tonifying, stimulating and bacterial flora-regulating properties. It cleanses toxins and revitalizes the scalp’s microcirculation. It is particularly suitable for weak hair thanks to its strengthening properties.