pH 4.5-5.5

with Plukenetia Volubilis

It delicately cleanses hair and scalp
without impoverishing the natural hydro-lipid layer.

300 ml | 1000 ml

Pluketenia Volubilis Oil

Helps the cuticle to maintain its normal level of hydration, significantly reducing flaking. It regenerates the regular lipid barrier often weakened by the environment we are exposed to, resulting in dryness, sensitivity and absorption of harmful pollutants. It effectively intervenes in the process of cell regeneration.

Protein Mix

Hydrolyzed Keratin: thanks to its natural ability to bind to the hair fiber repairs the hair, making it more resistant.
Milk proteins: have substantiating and conditioning effect. They provide hair with softness, shine, body and volume, and restructure and regenerate damaged and weakened hair.

Soy Oil

This essential fatty acid-rich oil has a softening and elasticizing effect.