Polishing Spray

pH 4.5-5.5

with Linseed Oil

Polishing Spray which confers silkiness
and radiance to all hair types.

100 ml

Linseed Oil

Thanks to its affinity with the hair, it exerts an immediate softening, repairing and brightening action. It gives hair particular softness and shine.

Limnanthes Alba Oil – Meadowfoam

It restructures hair from the inside, making it bright and elastic. It gives hair body and smoothness and also has an outstanding UV ray-shielding effect.

Phenyl Trimethyl Polysiloxane

Among all the silicones used in trichological formulas, it has the highest light refractive index. Thanks to its special polymer structure, it doesn’t penetrate the hair, but coats its outermost layer. This coating reflects the light that reaches it, finding a smooth and even surface. Consequently it increases the hair’s splendor and glossiness, giving it a pleasant “satin” effect.